Our clients have relied upon us for proven and empowered data extraction for nearly two decades. In choosing QLIK, we’ve partnered with the industry leader whose acclaimed software delivers what others only promise.  As a certified reseller, we bring our deep expertise, tools and unique customization options to overcome limitations and drive ROI.

Our commitment is delivering analytics-powered solutions touching everyone throughout the company, making information accessible, not restricted or hidden in silos.  We do it with uniquely tailored customization to overcome format issues triggering manual intervention, draining internal resources and leading to lagging performance and user dissatisfaction.

Experience Across Most Every Industry

Fortune 500s to startups, professionals to major retail to boutiques, HR innovation blended with best practices across every vertical.  Our knowledge of analytics allows us to grow with you, and gives you a true competitive advantage. You’ll not only learn from the user stories embedded in your data, but will help identify the questions about to arise and to seize opportunity sooner, rather than later. We’ll help take you higher, faster, and keep you there, with success you can sustain.

Tools, Dashboards, Insights and More

We’ll get you up and running in a hurry, with multi-system dashboards, pre-built connectors, and a suite of tools.  Navigate complex information independently, with answers to your questions and support to fully understand what the data is telling you.  Nearly half of all business professionals recognize that a successful future includes making data-driven decisions, and with analytics powered by QLIKwe put the promise of the future in your hands – today!

Customization and Evolving Resources

There’s good reason why 71% of companies see analytics as a high organizational priority, but only 8% of companies are currently working with usable HR data to harvest its potential.  Our client-centric approach bridges the gap with streamlined simplicity, robust functionality and proven performance. Customization is defined by your needs, culture and long and short-term objectives; driving potential, mitigating risk, anticipating trends, and offering predictive modeling.

Create Your Own Innovation Hub

Analytics enables any business to accelerate change confidently.  The key is gaining insight into data that tells you what numbers alone, can’t.  This enables better, smart and more informed decision- making because it’s data-driven decision making.  We’ll empower self-sufficiency for independent optimization, and provide critical support when you need it, in hours, not days.

Business Intelligence Keeps You Ahead

As the old saying goes, there’s the knowledge we know, the knowledge we don’t know, and then there’s what we don’t know we don’t know but need to know. Analytics answers questions as it also reveals others that are hidden.  Then insight beyond the numbers powers swift, confident action.  A true competitive advantage to fuel consistent, sustainable growth.  All complemented by advisory and managed services that ensures optimal performance with controlled costs on your terms.

Close Gaps and Unlock the Future.


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