RJ Reliance's Integration Service

Is a powerful integration tool that can be employed across all core business processes vital to your company. Our Integration Service accelerates your time to value, improves productivity, and is tailored to your needs.

Why RJ Reliance for
Integration Services

  • Future-proof your integrations
  • Testing to confirm that recent updates have not adversely affected existing features
  • Simplified Integration
  • Lower cost than custom integration solutions
  • Faster time to value realization

Benefits of Integration

  • Improved Productivity and Control
  • Enjoy a centralized hub of all integrations, experience revolutionary deployment in a low-code environment
  • Trust and Compliance
  • Simple management to handle all technical challenges including upgrades, security, and compliance across a hybrid IT landscape
  • Robust Growth
  • Solve problems and make change with a few clicks rather than visit multiple, entangled systems
  • Reconcile
  • Reduce repetitive tasks 
  • Quickly deploy integrations between systems
  • Simplify
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Library of connection templates available for standard or customized deployment
  • Secure
  • Security model approach that ensure data is never exposed to unauthorized parties
  • Automated
  • Advances calculation mapping and capabilities
  • Automated verification and monitoring capabilities
  • Notifications and reporting
  • No human intervention required

Examples/Use Cases

  • Check multiple business rules to determine if a customer is compliant with state and federal regulations in your area of business
  • Program company-specific rules to validate data and documents
  • Define complex criteria to encompass varying levels of regulatory laws
  • Outline error messages with corrective actions for data and documents
  • Many to many mapping capabilities that allow for multiple records to be associated with records in another table 
  • Merge data from multiple tables, aggregate, and output to one or more destinations
  • Combine data from all customers into a single database to be analyzed
  • Transform data using a variety of calculation and mapping methods
  • Calculate differences, totals of rates, retroactive details, and translate values between systems to regulate data; logistics must be perfect to handle taxes and compliance
  • Easily review employee information with a “find changes” method that tracks all changes made to a document
  • Detect even the smallest changes in case of error
  • Map data tables of employee records to tables found in separate systems, for a full data set
  • Convert data from one layout to another
  • Translate values seamlessly
  • Drag and drop tools enables you to build any integrations
  • Simply connect time keeping system to payroll system to streamline data flow
  • Templates, process libraries and custom scripting that is tailored to your needs
  • Balances productivity and control by choosing which direction is best for you
  • Synchronize applications
  • Hub-based approach where a central master data management system ensures data integrity for all applications connected to it