Automate by RJ Reliance

RJ Reliance’s Automate Service alleviates the pain of time-consuming, repetitive processes. Solutions are easily scalable and powerful enough for any range of tasks. Automate service will login to your systems and get to work just like any other user. Trained to meet your firm's specific business rules and practices, the bot can complete operations within any application. Time freed up for employees can then be dedicated toward generating more profit or improving organization efficiency, increasing the overall ROI of the company. More than 50% of C-suite executives are not automating their compliance activities. RJ Reliance can identify existing inefficiencies and implement the necessary automation to alleviate headaches.

Why Automate?

  • Don't let simple, repetitive tasks take employees away from substantial work
  • Reduce the effects of turnover on your organization
  • Streamline the hiring and on-boarding process with automated form entry to quickly and accurately record new employee information
  • Eliminate the need for monotonous tasks that drive employees to quit by implementing automation
  • Automating such tasks will additionally reduce the need for very nuanced knowledge transfers on these subjects as new employees are brought on

Benefits of Automation

Increased time spent by employees on high-level tasks rather than simple, time-consuming ones
Reduced human error in data entry and operational stability with automated triggers built in to start tasks
More personalized care and high-level service from staff will be made available to customers and employees as simple requests are handled by bots

Examples/Use Cases

  • Automatic pay run processing and fulfillment
  • Virtual Practitioner will pull employee hours and salary information to generate and submit payroll for the period
  • Ensure final payments and reconciliation for terminated employees go smoothly
  • Properly reconcile any outstanding expenses owed to an employee for their final payroll and remove them from the automatic pay system
  • Mitigate errors in benefits processing and payout
  • Ensure that employees always receive up to date benefit payouts as different caps are met or plans change
  • Manage customer relationship with repurchase reminders
  • Reduce human error in data entry and operational stability with automated triggers built in to start tasks
  • Automate internal business processes
  • Free-up staff time to generate new products, business leads, and other activities by automating time-sensitive processes like data entry or payment processing
  • Auto-record order forms for a streamlined sales process
  • Automate will pull customer information and order details out of an invoice and automatically populate a new entry within the company's CRM system without the need for integration tools