Proven Results in Every Vertical
RJ Reliance clients are found in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, big box and specialty retail, supply chain, manufacturing, hospitality, banking, legal, field sales and the public sector on the local, state and regional level. These clients cover diverse verticals but often share similar challenges that we meet with customized levels of technical and functional support.

We serve many Fortune 100 companies, as well as organizations of all sizes. Our clients are found in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and in 54 countries around the world. Succeeding in all verticals by focusing on systems that deliver efficiency, lower costs, and increased productivity for every client.
Best Practices and Industry-Leading Solutions

Superior value and
people-centric process

Despite rapidly changing products and services, new technologies and constantly-evolving markets and customers, universal truths invariably cross over to every sector and niche. Best practices, and the benefits derived from them, are never industry specific. You’ll see proof of it in discovery and strategies reflecting our expertise in personnel and technology.

Saving money gets everyone’s attention, but cost savings alone ignore other crucial factors. Whether technical or advisory support, bridging seemingly diverse items together is their impact and intersection upon people throughout organizations. Details that matter and, when properly leveraged, yield a competitive edge and a healthier, sustainable bottom line.

We keep our promises,
so you can keep yours

We don’t over-promise, we consistently deliver on our commitments. By streamlining technologies and processes we strive to optimize your resources, lower costs and reduce liabilities. All from trusted, expert providers of industry-best products and practices.

A holisitic view through an
ROI-generating lens

Our approach isn’t to compartmentalize and offer piecemeal solutions, but to understand the big picture and deliver solutions that reflect the interdependence of diverse systems, because our priority is bringing them all together to work for you.

RJ Reliance solutions don’t reinvent the wheel, we make them turn more smoothly and efficiently, utilizing industry-best providers. Delivering superior results around the world in every vertical by doing it right, with successful, seamless, integration of diverse systems within your systems.