The complexities of an end-to-end Workforce Management implementation are easy to overlook and are often understated. Serving a diverse population with processes crossing Business Unit-specific policies are complicated by their sheer scope, internal governance, policies, organization and culture. We make the right decisions, despite often aggressive timelines, and highly-matrixed organizations.

Expertise and experience enable us to understand the full impact of a large-scale implementation upon internal stakeholders . WFM impacts all payroll and HR systems, often the only systems affecting every company unit from finance to IT, sales and marketing to production, and more. We take a collaborative approach to support and facilitate better decision-making to execute it right.

Best Practices Come with Built-in Flexibility

Navigating complexity with transparency, not sales smoke and mirrors disguising a hidden agenda, we bring proven methodology seen in dozens of successful implementations, all complemented by proven, tested, best practices with customization options. Whether in scope, or rendered ad-hoc as projects evolve, our tools and resources adhere to your policy and governance, they don’t ignore it.

Experienced, Collaborative Project Leadership

It’s not uncommon to find internal leadership emanating from multiple sources, such as HR, IT, Finance, and Business Operations. We’re at home coordinating, keeping everyone informed and on-point, with methodology refined, perfected and proven over the years. RJ Reliance solutions feature transparency, compliance, smooth, successful implementation, and sustainable operations.

Our Method Begins with Design Thinking

Conceptually, the best solutions must be user-based and driven by empathy, so we ask the right questions to understand their needs and challenges. We aren’t finished when implementations reach initial goals, we’re committed to projects until the larger, all-encompassing objectives, the core basis for the project, are realized. Getting there is our promise; we aren’t finished until we do.

Comprehensive Technical Considerations

Helped by familiarity with every major platform, we bring understanding of specific requirements for an optimally integrated deployment. Workforce Management, tightly integrated with HR systems the calculation engine for timekeeping data to process payroll information. When changes or enhancements are needed, you can expect them in hours, not days or weeks. We keep our promises, so you get results not excuses.

Unification Across Branded Platforms

Working behind the scenes to get it right for every client, we’re ready to integrate systems including Kronos, Workday, ADP, and more. In each case, we work to overcome front-end or back-end differences. We’ll bring everything together as part of a smart, ROI-driving solution reducing costs, as it unifies business units and management.

Opportunities to Maximize Potential

Further opportunities to optimize benefits are often overlooked. We don’t. Our expertise across all major WFM/HR/Payroll platforms, and capacity to unify different data types and extract requisite information from each, ensures we don’t overlook them. We exploit them for our clients’ benefit by mining actionable insights from their background database and putting it to work.

When to Customize or Not Customize

Our goal is always to deliver a system that provides what you need the way you need. We’ve all had experience as consumers with Plug ‘n Play, that was more like Plug ‘n Pray. We won’t over-engineer or under-engineer, but design systems that simplify the processes you’ve struggled with in the past, or went unaddressed by previous vendors, to get the performance you’re paying for and deserve.

WFM is a Transformative Change

Properly designed and implemented, WFM is much more than a back-office replacement for legacy systems, we see it as a business enabling, ROI-driving solution. Because it impacts labor utilization, reduces overtime, and empowers dynamic staffing. The key is looking at it differently, not limited by units or verticals, but as a sustainable force that serves and benefits the entire organization.

There’s So Much More to the Story

WFM unleashes efficiencies and possibilities that will benefit your company for years to come. We design your Workforce Management Ecosystem after taking the time to learn about your company. A program that’s all about you, because you’re living in it, and the right system will take your organization higher, farther and faster.

Thanks for reading.

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