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Capitalize On Top Talent Today with AI Technology

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

According to a survey conducted by Ideal, 52% of Talent Acquisition leaders say the most challenging part of recruitment is screening candidates from a large applicant pool. With an extensive list of candidates and traditionally limited resources to recruit, it can be difficult for companies to find top talent that is right for their organization. That is where AI comes in to help.

AI for recruitment is utilizing artificial intelligence in the talent acquisition process, automating manual tasks and streamlining the recruiting workflow. AI recruitment software leverages your applicant tracking system (ATS) data to generate insights regarding your talent pool. It can also help reduce bias by blind screening candidates while also shedding light on attributes of past successful candidates who have continued to remain in your organization. Many predict that finding top talent will depend on a recruiter’s ability to intelligently automate their workflow and unearth insights into their talent pool during the next few years.

There are many benefits to AI recruitment technology, including saving the recruiter’s time and resources, improving the quality of hires, and automating the high-volume tasks this process traditionally encompasses. Using AI for recruitment enhances the quality of new hires through job matching, which in turn leads to happier and more productive employees. According to the survey conducted by Ideal, companies that implemented this technology saw a 35% decrease in turnover, a 20% increase in performance, and a 4% increase in revenue.

For the successful implementation of AI for recruitment, be prepared to hurdle a few challenges. For one, accurately mimicking human behavior in AI requires data that companies may not have. Furthermore, while technology is usually less biased than humans, by feeding the system “past successes,” you could, in turn, be continuing unconscious biases against a particular gender or race just because of “who” you are teaching the technology the “success” case to be. It is essential to continually monitor the system to make sure no patterns of potential unconscious bias arise. Finally, there is always going to be some skepticism surrounding new technology by HR professionals. Not everyone will be as willing to embrace the unknown and change the traditional recruiting process. These concerns all need to be addressed to ensure success.

Don’t waste any more time; invest in AI recruiting technology today. At RJ Reliance, our Virtual Practitioner can help you with your recruiting process, allowing you to find top talent in a fraction of the time. Our team of experts designs processes as simple or as complex as your business requires, and our VP gets to work for you. Tell us what you envision, and we will take care of the rest! Ready to start the process today or interested in learning more?Reach out to talk to our experts today!

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