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As the world goes through change at an unprecedented rate, the need to evolve your business technology, skill set, and response time has never been greater. RJ Reliance’s managed services deliver outcomes that drive continual business value. We can manage and evolve your technology platforms, bring business and IT together and provide on demand access to resources with unparalleled skills. Learn how RJ Reliance will support your business and transcend your competition in a world of continual change and accelerate your digital maturity to build resilience and agility.

By optimizing and augmenting the management and efficiency of your resources and technology services, RJ Reliance helps you to free up capacity and resources for higher value activities to evolve your business and transcend your competition!


Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a powerful model that your business can leverage to increase agility and respond to the changing needs of its industry, reduce operating costs, and maintain productivity. Augmented staff will be managed directly by your company, as if they are your employees, but with significantly less costs and liabilities associated with hiring and maintenance. Additionally, staff augmentation provides you elasticity to increase or reduce resources based on your business needs. RJ Reliance offers short-term or long-term options to suit your business’s needs - as demand for skilled HR and technology professionals continues to rise, consider RJ Reliance for all of your staffing needs.

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Payroll & Benefits Administration

Compensation, payroll, and benefits are one of the most challenging areas for any business to manage. RJ Reliance maintains dedicated professionals who have years of experience processing payroll and administering benefits for businesses of different sizes, industries, and with multiple employee classifications both domestically and internationally. Whether you’re having issues with overtime calculation discrepancies, collecting timecard information, miscalculating the total cost of payroll, navigating the benefits landscape, compliance and reporting requirements, RJ Reliance will help solve any issue, ensure employees are paid accurately, navigate complex benefits administration, and safeguard your business from compliance risks.

Payroll Administration Offerings

  • Manage regular and off-cycle payrolls

  • Assist with planning, preparation, and filing of quarter/year-end process

  • Leverage the best practice audits and reports to validate any variances identified throughout the payroll process

  • Proactively manage, assess, and implement change to meet your business’s ongoing needs

Benefits Administration Offerings

  • Oversee ongoing benefits enrollment, integration, and annual enrollment 

  • Offer best practice recommendations for benefits plan design

  • Resolve eligibility issues with third-party providers 

  • Deliver data for statutory, regulatory, and compliance reporting and/or monitoring 

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HRIS System Administration

By definition, human resource information systems (HRIS) administrators manage and automate core HR processes with human resource management systems, software, and databases. Their duties include analyzing HRIS performance, managing user accounts, and resolving issues.

RJ Reliance can tailor a HRIS system administration plan to meet your business’s needs and budget, whether a one-time or on-going system configuration and optimization initiative. Leverage the talents and experience of our experts to assist your business in overcoming challenges hindering the effective utilization and alignment of HR, payroll, and technology. 

Whether your business requires application training, increased adoption, improved system performance, configuration or customized assistance, system guidance, best practices, or ongoing dedicated support, RJ Reliance will tailor a plan to ensure your WRM or HCM system is delivering as expected.


Our HRIS System Administration experts can provide any of the previously mentioned and following services:

  • Adjust system configuration to align with business needs

  • Support the implementation and maintenance of applications, as well as the operational support, design, setup, security, and maintenance

  • Assist with the management and upgrade of interfaces with third-party vendors

  • Review and build key reports to assist in strategic planning 

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