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Easing Travel Logistics Using Automation

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Coordinating travel between employees can be a tedious, time consuming task. Whether it be for work-related travel or vacation days, tracking when employees will be gone is critical to keep work flowing smoothly. By using automation, you can easily track who has taken time off, who has requested it, and monitor funds for work travel. These automated processes save time and increase accuracy as they eliminate the risks associated with potential human errors.


By using automation to control employee vacation days, employees can quickly submit vacation requests for specific dates and managers can approve or deny the request just as quickly. Not only does this ease the process of requesting days off, but it also allows simple monitoring of the days each employee has taken off. Once the request is in the system, other employees will receive reminders that the person will be out of the office. This will allow projects to be planned out in advance according to who will be in the office on specific days, ensuring tasks won’t be delayed. Not only does this benefit those in the office, but it guarantees nobody will be contacting the employee who is out of office, giving them the much-needed break they deserve. Additionally, managers can easily track how many vacation days an employee has taken without having to sort through paper records.


A report by GBTA found that in 2018, $1.3 trillion was spent on corporate travel worldwide, illustrating the large impact travel has on businesses. With a variety of conferences and meetings around the world, employees frequently travel to meet with clients, enhance their business knowledge and improve the success of their business. However, similarly to vacation days, coworkers need to be made aware of business trips to ensure office productivity. Adding work-related travel in the system allows projects to be planned accordingly because colleagues missing from the office won’t come as a surprise. This ensures that while the traveling employee is out on a business trip, the office is continuing to be productive. However, it doesn’t stop there. Planning for business trips not only requires planning logistics in the office, but also requires budget planning for the expenses of trips. Automating expenses saves managers time, helps secure accurate reports, and ensures employees are following company travel policies. Traditionally, tracking expenses while an employee is on a trip can be a difficult task, resulting in countless hours analyzing reports that are prone to errors. Streamlining this process saves time and ensures employees are following company travel policies. Monitoring employee travel, whether it be for company travel or personal leave wastes valuable time. With travel such a large part of every business, RJ Reliance is here to help you streamline this process. Interested in learning more about how we can help you automate your employee travel? Reach out today to connect with our experts.

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