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Extracting Data and Transferring Files Made Easy

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Modern businesses run on data. However, large amounts of data can be incredibly labor-intensive to sort through, share, and utilize. A comprehensive automation tool that can bridge the gap between unstructured data and business applications would be highly valuable. Businesses have consistently begun turning to robotic process automation, which provides benefits in quality, cost, and productivity.

In a recent Global RPA survey, Deloitte found that RPA continues to meet and exceed expectations across multiple dimensions, including improved compliance (92%), improved quality and accuracy (90%), improved productivity (86%), and cost reduction (59%). The benefits of implementing RPA are evident, and RJ Reliance has the tools to automate the time-consuming, repetitive processes that stem from unstructured data.

RJ Reliance’s Automate Service can identify existing inefficiencies and implement the necessary automation to alleviate the pain points. Our Virtual Practitioner will log in to your system and get to work just like any other user. The bot, trained to meet your firm’s specific business rules and practices, can complete the desired operations within any application. Your employees can then take a hands-off approach, freeing up time to improve organization efficiency and increasing your company’s overall ROI.


The robotic process automation tools help integrate cross-departmental systems into a single solution. Newly added information is automatically reformatted and updated in the system. RJ Reliance can help keep your data synchronized across internal systems while keeping consistently updated data available for you. The bot is extremely reliable, with reduced human error in data entry and operational stability with automated triggers built into start tasks. These tools keep your critical data moving without the need for tedious manual tasks.


Converting documents into the right file type or extracting data from these files can be a time-intensive process. With companies today relying on digital file transfers, it is more important than ever to have automation that works and lives up to expectations. RJ Reliance will simplify the document conversion process by providing the means to directly load a report into an application and integrate it with legacy systems. The automation process can read, edit, and scan PDFs and images to extract data, making manual entries a thing of the past. Companies can then store and share their files within the company, with customers, or with business partners and other stakeholders. With capabilities to schedule, monitor, and encrypt files, file transfer automation offers a reliable solution to your business needs.

RJ Reliance is determined to eliminate extracting data and the headaches caused by converting documents with our automation service. Reduce the amount of time your employees spend on simple, repetitive tasks by investing in an automated future. Interested in learning more about how RJ Reliance can save you time and simplify the process? Reach out today to discuss with our experts!

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