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Now is the Time to Migrate to Workforce Dimensions!

As organizations grow and evolve, they often need to upgrade their workforce management systems to better handle complexities in various areas such as compliance, employee scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll processing. Many organizations that are using UKG Workforce Central find Workforce Dimensions to be a natural choice for upgrading to a more comprehensive and efficient system. However, with UKG's planned retirement of Workforce Central, now is the time to transition to Workforce Dimensions.

Migrating from UKG Workforce Central to Workforce Dimensions is a straightforward process that can be managed in a few simple steps. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Plan and Prepare

Before making the switch, it is essential to establish a clear plan outlining the scope of the project, identifying the key migrations, and establishing any critical timelines. You should also communicate with your workforce to manage their expectations, assign key roles, and establish benchmarks to track progress and ensure accountability.

Configuration and Migration

Once you have your plan, the next step involves configuring and migrating your data to Workforce Dimensions. You will need to export your data from UKG Workforce Central and import it into Workforce Dimensions. It is crucial to ensure that your data is clean and accurate before the migration process to avoid potential errors and data integrity issues.

Integration and Testing

After the data migration process is complete, you will need to integrate Workforce Dimensions with other core systems and perform rigorous testing to ensure everything is working as expected. Testing can include user acceptance testing and performance testing to help identify any issues and ensure smooth transitions.

Employee Training and Communication

Once everything is set up and tested, it is time to provide comprehensive employee training and ensure effective communication to prepare staff for the new system. This will include orientation, training on new processes, and any policies that need updating.

Post-Implementation Support

Once the migration is complete, it is important to monitor and measure the system's performance to identify and resolve issues. Post-implementation support should be a priority to ensure a smooth transition and help staff along the way. Ongoing training and support can reduce user errors and ensure that your organization is making the most of the system's features.

In conclusion, migrating from UKG Workforce Central to Workforce Dimensions is a major undertaking, but with thorough planning and preparation, it is manageable. It is important to establish a clear migration plan, configure and migrate the data, test and integrate the system, train and communicate with staff, and provide post-implementation support to ensure a successful transition. By taking a systematic approach to these types of migrations with RJ Reliance's certified and experienced team, you can successfully upgrade your workforce management capabilities to ensure compliance, improve productivity, and provide a better employee experience. Now is the time to begin the process and avoid being placed on a waitlist, reach out today!

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