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Positioned For Success: Dell's Sale of Boomi

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Following last year’s sale of RSA and the recent announcement to spinoff VMware, Dell Technologies inked a deal to sell its Boomi Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to private equity firms Francisco Partners and TPG for $4B. After more than ten years under Dell’s guidance, Boomi achieved tremendous growth. The objective now is for the new leadership of Boomi to ensure it delivers on the promise to produce exponential growth. As a Boomi certified implementation partner, Boomi license reseller, and industry thought leader, RJ Reliance had followed the speculation surrounding this business deal for some time, readying our experts with the necessary intelligence surrounding digital transformation for integration and automation.

While Dell continues to execute impressive strategies to solidify its long-term success, there is now an emphasis surrounding the significance connectivity has on a business’s growth trajectory. This past year’s volatility and turmoil forced businesses to effectively maneuver through a gauntlet of indefinites, magnifying the importance of resilience and adaptability because, ready or not, change is a constant. RJ Reliance recognizes whether anticipated, unexpected, good, or bad, change is a catalyst for growth; resisting change stunts growth, and without growth, there is no resilience to adversity. For a business to solidify resilience with realized growth, immediate focus must be placed on the connectivity between its people, processes, and technology. Boomi secures the connectivity your business requires for long-term resilience and growth potential. As stated by Nehal Raj, Partner at TPG, “Software is eating the world. The average enterprise has 350 applications, and today, less than 30% of them actually talk to each other.” With a renewed importance on core competencies, Dell is reorganizing its priorities and fully understands the significance of the purposeful changes being executed as it relinquishes control of Boomi, intentionally ensuring its overall success.

In retrospect, Dell’s sale of Boomi is logical. There are significant fundamental differences in the core competencies between Dell’s computer hardware and an integration platform such as Boomi- coupled with the fact that Dell has accumulated a considerable amount of debt through numerous other business dealings. While Dell and Boomi are charting their respective future courses, both are preparing to mitigate any fallout from this change. Dell has indicated its plans to allocate the funds from the sale of Boomi to reduce its debt, and Francisco Partners and TPG intend to cultivate and accelerate Boomi’s next phase of growth. RJ Reliance will continue building world-class integration solutions for our clients utilizing Boomi’s robust technologies and eagerly anticipate the evolution that Boomi will experience during this new phase of transformative growth. Overall, this sale is seemingly as perfect for Boomi as it is for Dell. Rest assured, this deal is being done right for all parties involved, positioning Boomi to transcend expectations. Now is the time to reach out and discuss the numerous ways RJ Reliance’s integration services will allow your business to flourish!

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