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Revitalize Your Onboarding Process Today for a Better Business Tomorrow

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Company culture ensures employees feel a sense of belonging in the company and an effective onboarding process helps make this possible. Many companies found the onboarding process more difficult during the pandemic, given the limitations presented with onboarding remotely. Even so, over 60% of companies have continued to hire through the pandemic, with 46% of companies hiring at least 10 employees. Yet a study released by Bloomberg Businessweek found that employees hired during the pandemic feel less connected to their work and coworkers and are more likely to quit. One theory as to why: missing out on what had been the normal onboarding process. So, how can you revitalize your onboarding process to properly onboard employees not just in person but also remotely?


One way to do this is to plan for the first day. If the new hire is working in person, this can include preparing their desk and computer, getting them their parking pass, and planning a tour. Suppose the new hire is working remotely. It is now essential to schedule virtual calls with different team members in advance as well as having videos and interactive content employees can view from any location. Consider assigning the new hire a mentor, prep the team for the arrival, and plan out the first week of training and talk about what to expect. By planning out the first few days, new hires can get adjusted gradually and have time to ask questions and get to know everyone.


To ensure an effective onboarding process, make sure not to overload new hires with documents. Paperwork can be overwhelming on the first day of the job. From company overview documents, policy and procedures, or client-specific work- there can be a lot to catch up on, and it is beneficial to avoid giving it all out at once. Consider providing interactive content to the new hire that aligns engagement with learning. Embedded assignments, quizzes, and content allow employees to have a positive onboarding experience that promotes the comprehensive retention of the information throughout their training. At RJ Reliance, we help you create customizable onboarding documents that engage your hires, not overwhelm them.


A considerable oversight is the actual time frame for onboarding employees. An effective onboarding experience cannot be limited to one day or one week, as it can take several months for new hires to get fully acculturated into the company. Making sure to schedule regular check-ins, provide feedback opportunities, and hear concerns will help with acclimation. Furthermore, facilitating open communication and ensuring new hires are doing well will mitigate any problems should they arise and provide the opportunity to give additional training as needed. In particular, remote workers can’t as easily communicate with their coworkers and superiors. RJ Reliance can deploy a customized onboarding plan for your organization that extends through an appropriate timeframe to meet the unique needs of your business.


Creating connections is also crucial when it comes to making new hires feel embraced in the company. One way to do this is by initiating a comprehensive communication plan for all new hires, including preplanned one-on-one meetings, having space for spontaneous conversations, and scheduling team bonding events like happy hours or activities. Provide opportunities for the new hires to meet their coworkers and superiors and get familiar with everyone within the company.


Many parts of the onboarding process can be incredibly time-consuming. Setting up payroll, getting access to all the accounts, and entering the new hire into the system can be automated to make the processes more efficient. Furthermore, synchronizing employee data can change the intricacies of employee onboarding from a stressful experience into a seamless process.

The time invested in creating an effective employee onboarding process will pay off. It can lead to greater productivity, increased staff retention and satisfaction, better employee engagement and motivation from the start, and an accelerated learning curve. RJ Reliance is here to help. We have years of expertise delivering superior results and are committed to providing tailored integrations that meet your needs. With a partnership such as ours with Boomi, RJ Reliance will streamline the onboarding experience across your business, allowing you to support your employees from the start in ways once unimaginable. Interested in learning more? Reach out to our experts today.

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