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RJ Reliance: Reflecting on 2021 to Prosper in 2022

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

2021 has been a banner year for RJ Reliance, making huge strides in every facet of our organization. From investing in full-time employees who fill numerous new roles and responsibilities, realizing the accelerated growth of our client base, to creating and nurturing multiple new partnerships- all while launching an international office location! We place a significant valuation on the individuals representing RJ Reliance because the company’s success is a direct result of their commitment and determination. They are the exact people needed to deliver exceptional services working diligently in their respective roles to ensure a solid foundation in preparation for RJ Reliance's continued global expansion!

As RJ Reliance designed our blueprint for 2022, we remained captivated by the business world's paradigm shift developing over the past couple of years, applying our collective understanding to assess what worked and what did not accurately. By managing any shift from post-pandemic variations and ever-changing expectations, RJ Reliance continuously verifies that our clients remain educated and focused on the five significant pillars of the digital economy: human resource management, innovation, security strategy, data architecture, and business process controls and internal audits. Ultimately, ensuring that our clients continue to transcend within their respective industry verticals and realize operational excellence with the deployed digital transformation strategies focused on technology and advancement.

Technology advancement is relentless and constant, but newly paired with the great resignation stemming from the pandemic's demand that businesses have an agile response to the workforce's call for autonomy and flexibility, with one in seven jobs being remote now. The overwhelming consensus is that businesses must evolve to this change or be left behind by the competition, employees, and customers. As mentioned in RJ Reliance's blog post from earlier this year covering the sale of Dell Boomi, "…change is a constant. RJ Reliance recognizes whether anticipated, unexpected, good, or bad, change is a catalyst for growth; resisting change stunts growth, and without growth, there is no resilience to adversity. For a business to solidify resilience with realized growth, immediate focus must be placed on the connectivity between its people, processes, and technology." While processes, methodologies, and tools vary for each business, RJ Reliance is the comprehensive HR technology provider that can deliver tailored solutions to ensure that your business flourishes in this ever-evolving digital economy. Reach out today to discover how RJ Reliance can deploy advancement through change while simultaneously guiding and supporting your business every step of the way! Here's to a prosperous 2022!

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