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Synchronize & Ensure Data Quality by Implementing this Solution to Cultivate Effective HCM Strategie

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

With the many moving parts that make up the HR machine, maintaining accuracy and consistency is exceedingly difficult due to each operating system’s configuration differentiation to capture and label demographic data. A disconnect of company-wide data makes obtaining any meaningful analytics necessary to cultivate effective HCM strategies.

RJ Reliance has partnered with Boomi to provide a data management solution that will keep your data clean, accurate, and consistent. With Master Data Hub, data will effortlessly synchronize across all your HR systems, making it easier to ensure that all the data is there to gain essential insights. With years of expertise delivering superior solutions, RJ Reliance tailors its services and tools to fit your needs and improve your productivity to accelerate your ROI.

EXTRACTING DATA AUTOMATION It’s time to say goodbye to data management headaches! Master Data Hub provides a complete view of all data across products, employees, and customers. When HR projects cross organizational boundaries, Hub serves as a one-stop-shop for all your necessary data. With less time spent on data quality issues, HR professionals can focus on higher-level projects, and your business can run more effectively. ​

PERSONALIZATION Combining all the data into a single database to be analyzed, Hub makes it possible to create more effective and efficient business analyses. RJ Reliance can map data tables of your employee records to tables found in separate systems, producing full data sets with mapping capabilities between multiple tables. Synchronized employee data can change the intricacies of employee onboarding from a nightmare into a seamless, stress-free process.


While data mastering projects are often daunting and overly expensive, Hub emphasizes synchronization rather than merely managing a large chunk of data. Implementing Master Data Hub is significantly faster and less costly than your typical legacy MDM solution. The Boomi cloud is also secure and reliable, ensuring data integrity.

RJ Reliance is determined to simplify and personalize your experience to ultimately deliver a 365-degree view of your company's data and gain back time to put toward growing your business. Eager to know how RJ Reliance can save you time and make data management headaches a thing of the past with Master Data Hub? Reach out today to discuss with our experts!

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