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The Role of AI in the HR Space

It's safe to say AI has made its way into nearly every industry, and HR is no exception. As tech continues to evolve, AI has proven that it can and will take on a key role in helping HR teams streamline their tasks and improve efficiency.


There's so much more to the recruitment process than the thirty minutes to an hour it can take to interview someone. AI can work to simplify by automating the initial screening and sorting of resumes. Using language processing algorithms, AI can quickly scan through resumes to identify relevant keywords and phrases that match a job description. This technology can shave off hours and give precious time back to HR teams to complete tasks that are unable to automate. AI-powered chatbots can be used to interact with potential candidates and gather more detailed info about their background, skill set, and experience level to vet them further and see if they're interview material.

Performance Evaluations

AI can be a huge help to HR professionals when conducting performance evaluations. For example, AI-powered algorithms can analyze data from customer surveys or other sources to determine which employees are providing exceptional customer service or going above and beyond. HR teams would otherwise have to meet with managers about this information or seek out internal reports to digest. AI provides it instantly, making performance reviews less of a lift for HR and more accurate.

Employee Engagement

With work-from-home still a reality for many post-pandemic, AI can be used to track and enhance employee engagement. Certain algorithms are programmed to keep tabs on how employees are engaging both with each other and the company overall. While this area of AI within an organization is still slightly controversial in terms of privacy and fear of micromanagement, it can be helpful for retention and cultural purposes. By analyzing data like feedback surveys and attendance records, AI can help HR teams identify and address employee issues before they become bigger problems.

Artificial intelligence has a huge potential to help HR professionals optimize their day-to-day tasks. By leveraging AI technology, HR teams will be able to gain valuable insights into employee performance and activity. Ultimately these insights will help organizations make informed decisions when it comes to hiring new talent or rewarding current employees for their hard work – all without sacrificing efficiency.

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