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Unlocking the Power of Position Control: Efficiently Manage Your Organizational Structure

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Keeping up with constant changes to your organizational structure is not easy. The never-ending cycle of employee promotions, job changes, resignations, and new hires can disrupt staffing and budgeting plans and detract your team from their ability to focus on more higher-level company issues. At RJ Reliance, our Position Control solution organizes your workforce by position rather than by employee, creating a framework of positions for all the jobs within your organization. RJ Reliance will help you obtain accurate, real-time views of your talent and a complete view of your overall organizational structure.

Effective Onboarding

Within traditional person-based position management systems, employee attributes, like their supervisor, benefits, and pay grade, are tied to individual employee records. In other words, when an employee leaves, their attributed data is lost and must be reentered once a new hire fills that position. RJ Reliance’s Position Control solution instead ties these attributes to the position itself and auto-assigns them to new hires who fill that role after someone leaves. When hiring a new employee, you only need to enter the employee data and the position name and number into the system, reducing the administrative burden of hiring and onboarding.

Organization Data Visibility

RJ Reliance’s Position Control solution enables you to view your entire workforce, their employee attributes, position details, and more. The system is designed to provide you with a streamlined inventory of all the positions within your organization, whether they're current, planned, filled, or vacant. Organizing all this data into one place increases visibility into your position vacancies and staffing needs.

Maximize your Budget

Increasing workforce visibility is also the first step to achieving budgeting compliance. Budgeting issues are often caused by blind spots that go unnoticed until they appear in annual reports. With our Position Control technology, you can control and manage your organization structure, including financial budgeting and headcount. Data integration between your HR and financial systems grants you the ability to maximize your budget and control costs.

Since 2005, RJ Reliance has combined decades of HCM specialization with tailored, white-glove technology offerings to deliver transformative client outcomes. Contact us today to learn more about how our Position Control solution can optimize your organizational structure and improve your ability to make informed, data-driven position management and budgeting decisions.

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