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What You Need to Know When Onboarding Short-Term Employees

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

There’s no time more hectic than seasonal peaks, and short-term employees are a convenient way to cover for absent employees and keep your organization running smoothly. Seasonal jobs help you meet customer demands, increase revenue, and prevent overworking your current team. While these employees may only be joining your team temporarily, you must take the time to properly onboard your new hires. With the right onboarding strategy, you can improve the employee experience and create a sense of belonging for seasonal workers.

PROVIDE ONGOING TRAINING Be sure your new hires are being sufficiently trained, even beyond their first few days on the job. Because you and your team have likely been working in your current roles for quite some time, it can be easy to take the skills you have developed for granted. Even workers with plenty of industry and technical experience will need to learn the best practices that serve your unique business. Improvement occurs over time, and ongoing support can be part of that process.

DESIGNATE A MENTOR At least for the first few weeks on the job, each new temporary employee should be assigned a point person to consult when they have questions. Involving your permanent employees in the short-term onboarding process can help your new hires get a feel for the day-to-day practices of the job and help immerse them into the company culture. Whether the mentor is a supervisor or a more experienced peer, they must be patient and available when questions arise.


Seasonal employees and temporary workers generally have specific clauses concerning minimum wage, overtime pay, and healthcare. Laws vary by state, country, and industry and leave little room for error, as incorrectly classifying employees or failing to comply with employment laws can result in costly penalties. At RJ Reliance, we can help you organize and document these processes to catch mistakes and reduce risk.


While implementing a comprehensive and consistent onboarding process for your temporary hires is crucial, finding the bandwidth to do so can be a real challenge. RJ Reliance’s Virtual Practitioner solution can automate all the repetitive, time-consuming tasks involved in onboarding so you can focus on the social and cultural aspects of your new hire experience. Having a streamlined process in place is a win-win for you and your short-term employees.

​Interested in implementing an effective transition process for your temporary workers? RJ Reliance’s experts are ready to assess your current onboarding process to identify and implement the most efficient strategy to ensure your seasonal workers have everything they need to hit the ground running.

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