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HR Analytics: You're not Alone

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


In today’s rapidly growing market, the corporate competition to acquire and retain the best talent is not slowing down any time soon. At the forefront lies a new secret weapon, HR analytics. Companies are now utilizing people analytics in all aspects of workforce planning and talent management. These evidence-based insights can change how workforce decisions are executed, allowing for streamlined processes, increased transparency, and improved company-wide performance. Given the recent COVID-19 crisis, HR analytics are more critical than ever. As most workplaces have shifted to remote settings, organizations face new challenges such as psychological stressors on employees, managing jobs from afar, and requests for flexible work conditions. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) notes that it is vital for businesses to quickly and effectively respond to these changes, emphasizing the importance of data-driven decision-making. This time of uncertainty provides the perfect opportunity for actionable HR analytics to drive positive change. Despite the apparent benefits of HR analytics, only a select few practitioners utilize these solutions when making business decisions. The enormous demand for analytics is, therefore, offset by an inability to capitalize on data. A survey conducted by CIPD reveals that 89% of HR professionals plan to use people data and analytics. Yet, only 5% of in-house and 14% of independent HR professionals focus on this area. Among those who do utilize these tools, capabilities are often limited to basic analytics and reporting, with only 6% using advanced techniques to inform business decision making. While people analytics are in high demand across all industries, many HR practitioners have yet to develop the necessary analytics skills.

Efficiency and Quality

Building out the technical team and infrastructure necessary to properly utilize HR analytics can take months, even years. At RJ Reliance, our in-house experience allows us to get clients up and running on the initial scope within a quarter. Speed does not come at the expense of quality, however, as you are guaranteed to receive top-notch solutions completed on-time. Our goals are to optimize your resources, maximize your technology, and drive your productivity with sustainable ROI.

White-glove Solutions

At RJR, you are more than just a number. Our white-glove solutions ensure an engaging and fully personalized customer experience. It starts with identifying your business goals and translating them into an analytical strategy. We want to understand where you are now and what challenges stand in between you and where you want to be. During the execution phase, we transform and generate data to provide insights into your business. Finally, we enable you to utilize your analytical capabilities through data management, visualization, and integration. RJ Reliance creates your individualized analytical road map so that you don’t have to.

Industry-wide Expertise

With nearly two decades of experience with proven and empowered data extraction, RJ Reliance serves to bridge the gap between demand for HR analytics and successful application. We bring subject matter expertise to solve business problems, technical expertise to build the best-in-class solutions, and delivery expertise to ensure that business value is realized within your organization. From Fortune 500s to startups, RJR provides innovation in line with best practices across every vertical. We provide you with the capabilities necessary to fully capitalize on HR analytics and add value to your business.

Visit our website to learn more, or click here to get the conversation started.

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