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Reinventing the New Hire Experience

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


Onboarding marks the very beginning of an employee’s journey. It is their first impression of the company as a whole, and first impressions last. Unfortunately, for many companies, employee onboarding is a time-consuming process riddled with risks and inefficiencies. A disconnected onboarding process means disconnected employees, and new hire delays may be harming productivity and employee engagement a lot more than companies think.

With increasing pressure to be competitive in today’s market, companies are always on the hunt for the best talent. The real feat, however, is retaining that talent. When executed effectively, onboarding leads to sustained engagement and reduced time to proficiency. However, a study conducted by the Human Capital Institute reveals that only 40% of participants believe their onboarding is effective at retaining new hires. Additionally, only 20% of those hires leave in their first 45 days. To turn onboarding processes around, HR departments must think about how they can integrate new employees into their organization and get them engaged from day one. A study done by Gallup shows that effective onboarding experiences increase retention, reduce employee ramp-up time, and increase the overall likelihood of engagement. The results revealed 25% turnover improvements and a 25% increase in profitability. RJ Reliance has partnered with Boomi to grant our customers seamless onboarding solutions that boost cost-efficiency, productivity, and employee engagement. With years of expertise delivering superior results globally, we are committed to providing low-cost integrations tailored to your needs. By unifying onboarding experiences across connected businesses, Boomi allows you to effectively support employees from the moment they are hired and achieve your business outcomes faster.

Reduce Manual Effort No one wants to perform the same manual tasks day after day. With Boomi, you have the ability to transform onboarding into a seamless, automated experience. Automation technology has the power to collect, input, and show data that can then be triggered and presented into other systems. By minimizing manual data entries, companies not only alleviate headaches but greatly reduce human error. When information is entered and transferred correctly and efficiently, you are sure to see significant decreases in employee ramp-up time and boosts in overall productivity. Enable Cross-functional Collaboration You can’t achieve a connected and effective onboarding experience without collaboration. Boomi integration ensures that all business units involved have access to the same new hire data by connecting all data sources and business applications. Important employee information can be organized and routed with the assurance that it is accurate and consistent. You gain real-time visibility into onboarding workflows, creating a single lens view of the entire operation, and reducing your turnaround time. Improve Engagement Enhancing employee engagement is all about making new hires feel like valued members of the company from the very start. By shifting onboarding to become more personalized and engaging, you can eliminate the risk of poor onboarding procedures tainting your employee experience. It’s time to create unique and reliable onboarding experiences that will set the tone for the rest of the employee lifecycle. Visit our website to learn more, or click here to get the conversation started.

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