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The Hidden Costs of Compliance

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


In every workforce management implementation, compliance is critical. Fines erode bottom-lines, but that’s only the beginning. Beyond fines, also at risk is employee retention because non-compliance alters employee perception, lowers morale, undermines engagement, triggers turnover and jeopardizes your brand and reputation. With so much at stake, we see compliance as best practices that silently drive ROI. But what about those fines? They’re steep, growing as our society becomes increasingly litigious, and the reality is that you have exposure at the local, state and federal levels. To understand how pervasive the problem is, consider the three statistics below– that illustrate just how serious, courtesy of the US Department of Labor Statistics – Wage and Hour Division, from 2011-2015.

  • 3 Million Case Violations Issued

  • 7 Million Employees Found in Violation

  • 3 Billion in Total Back-Wages to be Paid

We protect clients with a multi-faceted process that understands the complete picture

Processes and Support to Keep You in Control Loosely documented policies and inconsistent enforcement leads to higher turnover which comes at high hidden cost. SHRM estimates over $4000 per rehire and 42 days to complete the process. We provide clear data visibility to control and manage costs with simplification, standardization, tools and guidance to administer processes. Smooth, transparent transitions to keep companies moving forward and in control. Proactively Helping Employees Embrace Change A WFM implementation offers the opportunity for great cost savings, but it takes support to fully realize those savings, because change must be embraced across the enterprise, without disrupting business operations We provide you with change management support and smart tools to explain the change to employees, maintain their morale, keep them happier, and avoid turnover’s high cost in both time and money. Preparation to Comply with Ever-Changing Laws Every year hundreds of new employee labor laws are passed. At minimum, one per state annually in 43 states and growing. Compliance isn’t optional, non-compliance is costly, and implementation can be expensive, but our connector platform reduces change costs by as much as 70% compared to traditional implementation methods. We help with proactively monitored services as well as fully managed services. As always, it’s what you need not what we’re selling. Protection Delivered in Four Important Ways As a Service Partner, during implementation or upgrade, correct configuration, with available advisory/audit services to ensure company policies are in local, state and federal compliance. Propriety Platform Connectors enable quicker and more cost-effective changes, reliable real-time data transfer, and easier audit trails by mapping data to set-up and policies at the beginning. Custom Managed Services offer subscription-based options and virtually turnkey peace of mind. Always compliant, optimized, updated and supported by technical, functional and policy audits. QLIK Analysis identify issues before they become complaints. True, end-to-end audits, ensure internal compliance and targeted enforcement response without burdening the larger population. Whatever level of support you need, we do it all, we do it right, and we do it on your terms. All to stay compliant, to keep you moving forward and protect the employee experience and your brand. There’s So Much More to the Story We hope that this high-level analytics snapshot piques your interest. Analytics unleash possibilities and when powered by QLIK, amazing can things happen. RJ Reliance takes the time to learn about your company, understand what you envision, and then design a program that’s all about you. Thanks for reading. Visit our website to learn more, or click here to get the conversation started.

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